A fair deal for overseas veterans

Urge your MP to call on the UK Home Office to abolish application fees for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) for all non-UK citizens who have served in the UK Armed Forces for four or more years and their dependent family members.

Non-UK citizens serving in the UK Armed Forces have a right to apply for ILR as veterans after four years of services. However, unless they have served for over six years (or are medically discharged) they are charged for this. Regardless of length of service non-UK citizens are charged for bringing dependent family members.

We believe that veterans who served our country should not be charged to live with their family in the country they served. Therefore, we must ask MPs to persuade the Government to take action!

We’ve suggested some text you can use, but please, if you are able, do edit it to make it more personal – we know that MPs are more likely to take notice of personalised emails and queries, which are infinitely more powerful than standard letters.

If you receive a reply from your MP, please let us know by contacting our Senior Public Affairs and Policy Manager Ted Arnold at ted.arnold@helpforheroes.org.uk. This will help us gather intelligence for our campaigns.

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